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Every law project provided by a law assignment writer is according to the requirements of our clients. Every client has permission to use it as a reference to make a customised law assignment. However, clients don't have permission to use law assignments in the same way. If any client presents the law assignment in its exact structure, they will be responsible for the consequences. We carry the rights of every law assignment made by our experts. The possession of the law assignments stays with the company.

Hence, our suggestion for every customer is to read the terms & conditions before using our academic writing services:

Refund Policy

If the law assignment does not match the client requirement, in that case, they can generate a moneyback request.

The request for a refund will be entertained only under the following conditions mentioned below

    1. You can't ask for a refund if there are minor mistakes in the law assignment. A similar rule applies to unimportant delays in the order of the law assignment. The refund is acceptable only for major mistakes in law assignments.
    2. If the law assignment writer fails to convince the client even after counter steps of correction, then the client can request a refund.
    3. If the company charges more than the billed amount, the company is liable to give back the additional amount as soon as possible.

Customer Support

Clients must consult directly with customer support representatives to resolve any issues before contacting any third party in case of a dispute. If the customer support service fails to respond to the client on time, the customer will be entitled to seek unreasonable services.

However, if the client requests the service negligently without resolving the matter relating to the company. The company considers it as a breach of a legal contract and we will appropriate action in this case.

Order Cancelation Policy

The company & client have the legal right to cancel orders under the following conditions:

    1. In the case of order cancellation, the client will be eligible for a partial refund if the client appeals the request after the specified timeframe. There will be a full refund if the client requests within the given timeframe.
    2. If the client violates Terms and Conditions.
    3. If the client suspects any act such as fraud or crime.

Order Delivery Policy

Students are strongly encouraged to provide their accurate contact details as it is our responsibility to provide you with your legal services.

Order Delivery Policy

The company is not liable for delays due to incorrect email addresses or spam filters.

Amendment Policy

We reserve the full legal rights to add, remove or amend any clause in the โ€˜Terms & Conditions section without prior notice. However, our team will inform you about this via email. We try to deliver the best service to our customers.

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